Alex Neri kicked off his career at a very young age, when his first taste into the music scene saw him DJing at various clubs in Tuscany, Italy. These were the years of the "new wave" / "electro funk" / "garage" / "house" of the 90s, and Alex quickly became well known across the leading clubs across the globe.

Alongside his DJing successes, he melted efforts with his business partner Marco Baroni to build the brand Kamasutra with releases that were felt on a global scale.

In 1999 Planet Funk were born and with their first single "Chase the Sun" they emerged at the top of global charts, and subsequently various albums and singles of equal success and industry acclaim. The band has released a total of 5 albums plus a “Best Of” and is currently releasing its sixth album.

Alex Neri has collaborated with the notable Tenax Club in Florence in starting the record label "Tenax Recordings", acclaimed both by the public and the music industry. The first single, "Housetrack", released in 2004 won the Siae prize for being the most sold album
from an independent label.

Tenax Recordings has showcased a myriad of well known DJs and Italian producers like Federico Grazzini, Ilario Alicante, Luca Bacchetti, Philipp&Cole and many more.

While Alex continues to produce, he also works on various remixing projects for many international and local artists.

At the very core, Alex's passion remains the club, where he can best express his pure love for music.
Always innovative his DJ sets are a fantastic marriage between experimental sounds and the best of house hitting dancefloors of today.


1) Axel Boman - 1979
2) Seb Zito - 95-96
3) Liem, Eddie Ness - Whsou
4) The Martinez Brothers - H2DAIZZO (Peggy Gou Remix)
5) Zee - Ding on this
6) Dreamer G - I Got That Feelin (Josh Butler Remix)
7) Kenlou - The Bounce (MAW Records)
8) Kerri Chandler vs Nina Simone - Westwind
9) Enrico Mantini - Ecstasy
10) Jimpster - Inside the Loop
11) Mall Grab -  Menace II Society
12) Artist Unknown  - A1 Untitled WLSLTD03





Marciano, based out of Montreal, Canada, is an Italian dj and producer. Known for his hard hitting and bottom heavy sound, he delivers an abundance of energy and weight with his DJ sets! 

With residencies at the infamous Stereo Montreal and Velvet, Marciano has built up quite a name for himself. 

He has played in Toronto, New York, Miami, Mexico and he is only just begun his career. As well he has been part of the infamous BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen and for Winter Music Conference in Miami! 

On the production side, Marciano has released originals and remixes on several heavy labels including Tronic, Stereo Productions, Elrow Music, Monique Musique, Funk n' Deep Records, Dirty Minds and many more.

He is honing in on his signature sound and to further solidify his reputation in the world of techno.

Marciano is also the creator and big boss of the hot techno label La Famiglia Recordings. With some of the biggest talents already on the label, Marciano's drive and focus are pushing it to the TOP. He has built a solid family and you should expect to hear and see a lot from this label.

Marciano is constantly evolving and will stop at nothing to attain the success and goals he has set his sights on.

1. Woo York - Alien Worlds(Original Mix)
2. Apotheosis (Antonio De Angelis Remix)
3. Velasquez - Complot(Original Mix)
4. Loco & Jam - Merked(Original Mix)
5. Keith Carnal - Lcuy(Original Mix)
6. Flug - Kontrol (Original Mix)
7. Beico & Mt93 - Let There Be Dark(Original Mix)
8. Alan Fitzpatrick - Joy Rider(Original Mix)
9. D-Unity - Everybody(Original Mix)
10. Jonny Marciano, Tony Dee - Spectrum(Original Mix)
11. Schach Matt - Liberation(Original Mix)
12. Tiger Stripes - Bang(Original Mix)





The Berlin-based DJ and producer consistently demonstrates a deeply an- chored love for and close bond to house music – the art form he himself has tamed. As a DJ, he travels the globe since 2001, having played in Europe, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, the US and Mexico, and in his sets he creates a feeling of connectedness between himself and others, as well as within the crowd. 

His first music on Autist Records, the label on which he subsequently releases his debut LP, ‘The Autistic Disco’, in May 2009, gathers the attention of many top DJs, such as Jeremy P. Cauleld, Ivan Smagghe and Mendo. It is only a matter of time before Oliver Koletzki takes notice of Niko’s productions and his DJ skills. Said skills subsequently see him embark on a hectic touring schedule: whether it’s Sao Paulo’s D Edge, Sydney’s Spice Cellar, Zurich’s Hive, Paris’ Showcase, or Berlin’s Watergate – Niko’s energetic and precise sets thrill any international crowd, something he’s out to prove in 2014: while he’ll be touring Brazil in May, Niko will return to the US for a second time in July. 

In the spring of 2011 Niko releases his sophomore album, ‘Good Morning Midnight’, on Stil vor Talent. The LP features collaborations with vocalists and producers like Channel X, Fran or Oliver Koletzki. Again, big names support it: Seth Troxler, John Digweed and Butch express their admiration among others. 

2012’s ‘We Are The Future’ EP, which gathers four powerful, multi-facetted house tracks, continues the success story, as Niko updates his sound. While the title track climbs into the Beatport Deep House top 20 and is Stil vor Talent’s fth best-sold track of the year, praise by Monika Kruse, Mr. G or M.A.N.D.Y. speaks for itself. The following year then sees the release of two EPs on Oliver Koletzki’s new Light My Fire label, as well as ‘Say What’ on Katermukke and a heavy-hitting remix for Lexer on Der Turnbeutel. 

On Stil vor Talent, NIKO SCHWIND now presents the fruit of his labour in the from of his third album: ‘Grippin’ World’ captivates the listeners with its versatility and coherence, and kidnaps them to a world of sound, made up of elegantly reduced grooves, organic arrangements and accessible vocal-melodies. “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – on ‘Gripping World’, NIKO SCHWIND clearly emphasises that music is the emotional extension of the heart.


coming soon





Behind the decks since 1995 and with a whole life dedicated to the world of music, Lele Sacchi is now internationally recognised as one of the icons of Italy's electronic, house and alternative music scene. 

Over these twenty years, he has completed a round-the-world trip DJing at some of the best clubs, events and festivals there are. His style combines house music with his roots and influences, regularly incorporating Italo disco, soul, post-punk and dub into the mix. In the studio, he recorded initially as Boogie Drama and more recently under his own name (releasing tracks for labels such as Internasjonal, Moodmusic, Soul Clap, Systematic, 20-20 Vision, Lyase and Get Physical). 

For many years, Lele was the driving force behind Milan's most lauded clubbing temples such as Magazzini Generali in the 00’s decade or the resurgence of legendary club Tunnel from 2010. 

Lele’s span within electronic music goes on: every weekend he runs Radio2 Inthemix on state broadcaster Rai, is one of the founders and directors of the Elita company (mainly known for its annual festival during Design Week) and teaches the History of Dance Music at the prestigious Istituto Europero di Design (IED). 

Sacchi is also regularly invited to DJ and do soundesign for style brands and exhibitions (routinely for Trussardi and consulting for the likes of Adidas, Timberland, G-Star, Toyota, Mercedes etc.) and sits as a judge at the world’s first ever DJ talent show, TOP DJ, on Sky TV. 

All these things and more are the reason Italy’s biggest newspaper La Repubblica’s supplement ‘TuttoMilano’ put Lele among the 25 people that forged Milan in the past 25 years.


01 Emilie Nana - I Rise (Beatappella)
02 Reformed Society - Sunflower (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
03 Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham - Powder (Jimpster Remix)
04 Steve Bug & Cle - Together  (Original Mix)
05 Tillman - Without Your Love (Original Mix)
06 Star Traxx - More (Kink Remix)
07 Vaggio - Don’t You Want (Original Mix)
08 Special Request - Brainstorm (Gerd Janson & Shan House Remix)
09 Patrick Conway - Samphire (Original Mix)
10 Shadow Child - Nosense (Original Mix)
11 Lele Sacchi - Dreaming Won’t Do (Tiger&Woods Remix)
12 Jimpster - Burning Up (Original Mix)
13 Mark Maxwell - Make You Feel It (Original Mix)
14 Richy Ahmed - Dials Mavis (Original Mix)
15 Milk & Sugar feat. Ron Carrol - House Dimension
16 Josh Wink - Are you there (Harry Romero Remix)
17 Brother Nebula - Parting Infinity (Original Mix)



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