Indonesian born Jody Lynne first stormed onto the scene by ways of Amsterdam’s underground techno scene in 2015. 

Jody’s love and passion for music has moulded her into the DJ & producer she is today. She best describes her style as gypsy techno as she is able to take you on a true journey of self though sound. 

Overtime Jody built up a reputation with her production catching the attention of desolate head man Loco Dice and Music on’s Marco Carola. She has shared the stage and gained praise from some of the industry heavyweights and also had the pleasure of them play at her ‘Let Move, let’s Groove’ events. 

Jody has spread her wings on tours in Asia and Europe with her ‘Let’s Move, Let’s Groove’ events now a stable in Bali’s House & Techno scene.


01. Adam port - I love you
02. Oxia - points of view
03. Laika & strelka - rough
04. Serge Devant - Thinking Of You feat. Camille
05. Safiya (Serge Devant's Floor Cut)
06. Gruvvelements - pe val
07. George smeddles - 8am
08. Joscha rickets - shifters
09. Steffen duex - ask yourself
10. Gruvvelements - saves
11. Sean random - hit me
12. Cabarza, Pete Zorba - Rolling With The Kids
13. Jonas saalbach - Tarim
14. Simone vitullo & Felipe puertes - shingalin
15. Howling - Signs (Rødhåd Remix)
16. Hot since 82 - restless
17. Gruvvelements - touch me
18. Christian Nielsen - Black Ceiling





Maral Salmassi from Berlin - DE | Konsequent Records |

Salmassi’s music career began in 1997 when she founded her first label Konsequent, on which she released music by artists such as Jay Denham, Christian Morgenstern, Fanon Flowers, and Alexander Kowalski, among others. 

In 1998 she co-founded the Cologne-based Techno and Electro distribution company Formic, which served as one of the most radical distributers of Detroit Techno and abstract electronica and was the sole European distributor for many underground labels. 

Additionally, in 1999 she formed the media label Art Of Perception, releasing music of artists like Jimmy Tenor, Alter Ego, Michael Mayer and Andrew Weatherall to name a few. 

In 2003 after the sudden and tragic death of Christian Morgenstern (with whom she shared a deep creative and personal relationship), she left the techno scene and all related projects to focus on expanding her musical repertoire. 

2006 then brought the beginning of her Bass / Electro label Television Rocks, which showcased her obsession with flexible use of genre. Through her alter ego “Kali”, she developed a sound she calls “Bolly-Tech“ – a combination of Trap, Hip- Hop, and Ghetto-Tech influenced by traditional Bollywood and Maghrebian music. 

Now, after a long hiatus Salmassi has both relaunched the Konsequent techno label and begun to produce Techno again that through her wealth of experience in many genres, is as banging as the 90’s and truly unique in context of today’s electronic music scene.


01. Andy Stott - Posers
02. Oisel - Atomi
03. Rizi Lee - Subtract
04. NTTA11 - Rimbleeptrak
05. Alderaan - Retina (Oscar Mulero Remix)
06. Inigo Kennedy - Voyager
07. Deniro - Disobedient
08. Shifted - Bloodless
09. Shifted - Centipede
10. Maral Salmassi - Steamer Discharge
11. Surgeon - At The Heart Of It All
12. Jonas Kopp - Aile
13. Cirkle - Torture
14. Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races
15. Flug - Business Consequences
16. Kessell - Souls Collector
17. Planetary Assault Systems - Lazer Organical
18. Kessell - Chains Of Abstraction
19. Tensal - Inertia 2 (Tensal Remake)
20. Lewis Fautzi - Stagger





Julian Mc Cain (Giuliano Marino) is a musician, percussionist, DJ & producer from the Salento area, in the South of Italy.

His incredible passion for the music since an early age led him behind the decks, improving his love of the "two turntables". Eclectic and inspired, Julian constantly researches new sounds and genres, he lifts the limits on his creativity.

Not forgetting his roots in deep & soul, his style is in a process of evolving musically. Lately Mc Cain is moving towards more tech-house productions.

His records have been released by some of popular labels in the house music scene, such as Purple Music, InHouse Records (Todd Terry’s label), Asymmetric Recordings, Open Bar Music, Heavy Records, Pumpz Recordings and many others.


1. RY X - Beacon (Joris Voorn Remix)
2. Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Mix)
3. Florian Kruse and Hendrik Burkhard - The Ground (Joris Voorn Remix/Chw Edit)
4. TheGround & Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard - Homeless Hearts
5. Point Blank NL & Secret Cinema - Meng's Theme (Joris Voorn Remix)
6. Ry & Frank Wiedemann - Howling (Âme Remix)
7. Sailor & I - Leave The Light On (Joris Voorn Remix)
8. FaltyDL - Straight & Arrow (Four Tet Remix)   
9. Jan Blomqvist - Awake





There have been lots of changes over the past four decades of New York Nightlife. The sounds have gone from disco to freestyle to house to techno; the venues have gone from Studio 54 to Palladium to Sound Factor Pacha to Output; and the borough to dance in has gone from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

But there has been one element in the community that has been able to survive the ever – evolving landscape, and that is the DJ. Not many of course, but a few talented, Inspired DJ / Artists have remained at the forefront of the industry during this time.

One of those is the artist formerly Known as DJ Baby Hec in the 80’s, and now Hector Romero. Born and raised in The Bronx, Hector’s DJ experiences include playing legendary venues likes Limelight, Palladium, Save The Robots and The Roxy.

Over the years he has evolved into one of New York City’s prime ambassadors of house, bringing his unique soulful and rugged house vibe to venues around the world. He has heightened his profile to the next level.

With 30+ years of experience this career jock is now throwing his musical diversity and eclectic taste into the remix/production arena. Under his belt are various compilations including King Street’s “Soulful House Journey” and more recently Nervous Record’s “Weaving Genres” which includes an original production “Dancing” collaboration with Benji Candelario.

As well as his DJ experience, Hector’s position as an A&R exec at Def Mix Music and Saw Recordings gave him the opportunity to work with legends like David Morales and Frankie Knuckles.

Those relationships taught him essential lessons about the equal importance of a great beat and a great song. Although New York is still his home, Hector spends a great deal of time traveling where he can be found stirring up dance floors in Italy, Greece, Japan, Spain and various parts of the world.


01. Rhemi Feat. Ilana Lorraine - Feel Me (Rhemi Funk-O-Holic Mix) - Rhemi Music
02. Emmaculate Feat. Kaye Fox - Do It - Main T's Box
03. Junior Sanchez Feat. Dana Williams - Keep Me Waiting - Brobot
04. Chris Lum Big Tool - DJ Spens Cave Man Jungle Boogie Mix - Moulton Music
05. Barbara Tucker - Think (About It) (Spen & Thommy Summer Of Dub) - Quantize Recordings
06. Eli Escobar - Handz Up (Happy Clap Mix) - Classic Recordings
07. DJ Gomi and K Gray - All I Need (Demuir's Playboy Edit) - Nervous Records
08. Full Intention - It's Set To Groove (Downtown Mix) - Full Intention Records
09. Peppe Citarella & Zico - House Junkie Retrospect (Original Afro Mix) - Union Records 
10. David Mayer Feat. Sooma - Drained - Connected
11. Josh Butler featuring Boswell - Be Somebody (Dario D'Attis Remix) - Defected
12. Sergio D'Angelo & Aldo Bergamasco Feat. Polina Griffith - Body (Booker T & DJ Spen Murky Bootleg Mix) - Quantize Recordings
13. Vernessa Mitchell - Took My Life (Marlon D's 4 FK ALWAYS Remaster) - Junior Vasquez Music
14. KC Flightt - Let's Get Jazzy (Dope Dub Mix) - TMT Records
15. Adonis - No Way Back (Tedd Patterson Edit) - Unreleased
16. Dennis Ferrer Feat. Janelle Kroll - Mind Ur Step - Defected


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