Roxy Delgado was born in Caracas/Venezuela. Since an early age the music has been a fundamental aspect on her life. In her begginings she started as a lead singer in the band “Masiva” when she was 18 years old. This experience allowed her to her first experience with a live audience. At her teenage years she began to experiment with denser sounds and melodies that were more into dance music, she got a real interest on electro music after all this. 

On 2012 she ventures into the electro scene, where she was known as “Roxy Pink” with influences from musicians like Green Velvet, Gavin Lynch, Matador and Paco Osuna. Her passion about electronic music takes strength by becoming her first priority, because of this she decides to fully concentrate as a Dj and electronic musical producer in genres such as Deep House, Deep Techno, Tech House, Minimal and Techno. 

Roxy Delgado possess an especial sensibility towards music, it is clearly seen in her productions where she does not take a clear and defined musical guideline. She is capable of creating from the most refined house music, loaded with contagious melodies and vocals, many of them interpreted by herself, and also the most serious techno with clear influences from Detroit. She is known for using improvisation and the inspiration of the moment when she is playing at a live show. 

When she is on stage she shows too much energy and confidence, with fresh style and a meticulous and perfect music selection loaded with melodies and strong basslines, doing sessions that are totally clean and dynamic on her DJ set, traveling from a classic house, a contagious Tech and even an overwhelming techno. 

On 2015, under the A.K.A of “Roxy Pink” her first single went out with the name “So Funny (Original Mix)* under the Label Cirka with great producers like Denis Cruz and Level Groove in the quoted compiled by WMC Miami. She also has worked with Chris Santana from Spain/Moonshake, Piko Music from Italy, SL Records from Venezuela, Gianni Firmaio from Italy/Mushroom Smile, Munfell from USA/Catamount Records, Tulipa Recordings, White Music Records among others. 

She has had the opportunity to alternate on the controls with important artists like Carlo Lio , Gaiser, Tiefschwarz, Pleasurekraft, Mauro Picotto, Saeed Younan, Sergio Fernandez, Stefano Nofferini, The Cube Guys, Harry Romero, Joeski, Sydney Blu, Mendo, Fronter, Fernando Mesa, Adrian Hours, Sebastian Ledher, Wally Lopez, Wade, David Herrero, Miguel Bastidas, Moonkey Safary, Mario Ochoa y Technasia. 

In 2016, she moved temporarily to Miami and decided to form together with two colleagues, the production company “Gathering” at the legendary Club of South Beach “Do Not Sit”, being resident of their party cycle she manages to enter in the electronic scene quickly. In one of her performances, at the iconic club “The Electric Pickle”, she meets Travis Rogers, known for being the old musical director of “Space” and the actual musical director of the number 1 local “Heart Night Club” by Mix Mag owner of one of the most important producers of the city “Humans Alike”. After her successful presentation she is invited to be part of the select group of residents of Humans Alike and Heart Night Club, becoming one of the most solid djs of the Miami scene. 

She has had the opportunity to take his music to Europe to countries like Madrid, Galicia and Barcelona. Her music has arrived to cities and places like New York, West Palm Beach even Caribbean Islands including Curacao and Aruba. She has played at Festi- vals of great trajectory such as I Love Aruba , and performed in countries like Panama, Colombia and all Venezuela.


01. Roxy Delgado, Dmile - Check This Out (Original Mix)
02. Prime888 - Don't You Know (Jey Kurmis Remix)
03. &Me - Blitz (Rampa & Re.You AKA RAR Remix)
04. Carlos Pulido - Desolate Man (Original Mix)
05. Julian Collazos - Grek Sex (Original Mix)
06. Gioc Raphh - Carnaval (Original Mix)
07. Julian Collazos - Cheke (Original Mix)
08. Javi Colina, Quoxx - Pump It (Original Mix)
09. The Rumours - El Gitano (Original Mix)
10. Atelier Francesco - Dead End feat. Astrid (Tim Green Remix)





Bruna was born in Brazil and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. 

A waving bass, clear drums and again and again a harmonic melody that emerges from nowhere - this is hard to resist as a listener. 

When Bruna plays, her sounds constantly moves between driving and powerful elements and flow thanks to the melodic elements with extraordinary depth.

01. SCB - Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestial Dub)
02. Arude, Binaryh - Protocol (Original Mix)
03. Julian Wassermann - Argon (Original Mix)
04. D-Formation - Autum (Ejaz Ahamed Remix)
05. Dizharmonia - Jachin (Original Mix)
06. Klunsh - Moringa Radical (Original Mix)
07. Chicola - Could Heaven Be (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
08. Luigi Gori, Larsun Hesh - One Week To Escape (D-Formation Remix)
09. Tone Depth, Jerome Isma-Ae - Bloodmoon (Extended Mix)
10. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Gamma Rays (Tone Depth Remix)
11. kLines - Retifier (Dani Sbert Remix)





Romanian-born, Toronto-bred Simina Grigoriu has been steadily racking up accolades during her decade-long career. Starting off as a DJ, she’s made the transition as a producer and kicked off own label Kuukou, a home for techno forward productions, where she calls all the shots. In this time she’s also transplanted to Berlin, a place she now calls home and the major source of her creative inspiration, a source as diverse as her influences. 

Simina’s musical roots stem deep in her childhood when she studied classical violin and keyboard. Coupled with her parents’ musical legacy and her passion for Hip Hop freestyling as a teen, it encapsulates the foundation of her style, an avenue she continues to explore to this day. 

Garnering on the exposure of Toronto’s clubs, where growing up, the likes of Jeff Mills, Josh Wink and Juan Atkins struck a chord, Simina’s style grew and developed constantly into the straightforward and uplifting techno she fronts today. 

Her first productions came to light on the Berlin label Sonat Records, followed by releases with Phrase Insane Records in Spain, Italy’s Intelectro Vibe, Urban Sound and Frequenza Records. A debut album was sure to follow, as Exit City became one of Susumu Records’ highest chart toppers. 

After a year long break, where she focused her efforts on motherhood while keeping an active studio schedule, Simina christens Kuukou Records in July 2016 with her inaugural EP “Techno Monkey’. Shortly after, she doles out “Matching Numbers” on Popof’s FORM, an immediate hit EP complete with a smashing remix by Julian Jeweil. She continues to release both on Kuukou as well as FORM while working on remixes and collaborations for numerous techno labels in parallel. 

An active globetrotter, Simina’s constantly touring, having wowed crowds at festivals and venues all over the world so it’s no surprise the Techno chief named her label Kuukou (Japanese for airport). She has been pushing a steady row of releases from the likes of Torsten Kanzler, Alfred Heinrichs, Martin Books, Daniel Boon with premium artists as remix support. 

Most recently 2017 has seen Simina embark on her yearly Asia tour, with highlights at Strawberry Festival and G-Festival, Elevator Shanghai and Beijing’s ultimate underground techno club “Lantern” - otherwise known as the Berghain of Beijing. 

Safe to say the coming months will provide a plethora of amazing releases, performances and surprises from one of Techno’s most dynamic ladies.


01. Alfred Heinrichs - Mini Me (Simina Grigoriu Remix) - Kuukou Records
02. Aitor Ronda - Loveration (Original Mix) - Terminal M
03. Ilario Alicante - Virgo's Echoes (Original Mix) - Drumcode
04. UMEK - Shadow Tactics (POPOF Remix)
05. Julian Jeweil - Answer (Original Mix) - Drumcode
06. Alfred Heinrichs - Dreamcatcher (The YellowHeads Remix) - Kuukou Records
07. Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati - Family Matters (Original Mix) - Drumcode
08. Thomas Schumacher - Wake Up (Original Mix) -
09. Joran Van Pol - Outsider (Original Mix) - ELEVATE
10. Simina Grigoriu - Edge Of The World (Housemeister Remix) - Kuukou Records
11. Stephan Hinz - As The Universe Glows (Original Mix) - Suara
12. Ilario Alicante - Figure of RA (Original Mix) - Drumcode




Vilius started producing in 2011 although he already had his first experiences in making music during his early childhood. 

His passion for Techno grew by trying out different genres which you can hear in his nowadays productions. 

Since then he released music on many labels like MONOTON:audio, Mistique Music, but his release schedule is still developing. 

His style varies from deep melodic structures to atmospheric pads and drones.


01. Oxia - Reset (Original Mix) [Diversions Music]
02. Woo York - Burning With You (Original Mix) [Afterlife Records]
03. Popof - Alcoolic (Matt Sassari Remix) [Cr2 Records]
04. Drunken Kong - Don't See Me (Original Mix) [Tronic]
05. 2pole - Alone feat. Ursula Rucker (Original Mix) [Suara]
06. Vilius J - ASK (Original Mix) [Ditto Music]
07. Enrico Sangiuliano - Symbiosis (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
08. Aleksi P - GBLFT1740072 (Original Mix) [Trip]
09. Roma Zuckerman - So What (I Feel Dirty!) (Original Mix) [Trip]
10. Vilius J - WSFL (Original Mix) [Ditto Music]
11. Sad Girl - Aether (Original Mix) [Mary Go Wild Black]
12. KONTAL - Reflect (Original Mix) [Soma Records]


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