DJ and producer from Italy, based in Venice. Introduced to DJing in the late 90s as a teenager, been DJing ever since.
Being a resident DJ, together with his participation to regular gigs at major clubs and dance events, he built a solid reputation for his high quality music. Whether he is DJing or with his live sets, performing solo or in back to back, he always cooks the floors. He thinks that a DJ should try to create the best possible experience ever for the people on the floor while always staying aligned with his own style.
He started to formalize his knowledge of music theory when he was 11 when he started to play the piano practicing it for 6 years. He then developed a love for electronic sounds and started experimenting with synthesizers and computers.
He is a truly versatile producer. He plays a mixture of modern and old school house, groovy and tech house, fine-tuned spiced up with own productions for the different clubs and crowds. His sounds are always full of drum rhythms, phat bass lines end energy.



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