Keira was born in Italy and in a few time she has become one of the most influential voices of techno scene in Italy. Her passion for music started when she began to study classical guitar at the age of ten. Thanks to her talent the London label "Entail Records" decides to release her stuff, the first Ep "Soul Vision" with the remix of Francisco Allendes, renowned producer of Desolat; and the second ep "At Sunrise" with the remix of Malandra Jr. producer of Cocoon records. 
Her pieces are unique, the hardness of the base mixes with the sweetest melodies in a continuous search of new sounds, original and never predictable. In her work, music, graphic, fashion and art merge together to re-emerge in a new form that surprises, fascinates, inspires and engages in all the senses, making Keira a unique artist. 
Keira debuts on Intellighenzia Electronica Records with her new album, Rebirth. Six tracks that range from deep techno to electronica without any break, describing her mood and the will to begin from the ashes of a previous "death". Rebirth is a new starting point that carries a lot of intentions for the future, and hopefully a great new start for a new path. Seven remixes reinterpret part of the release, each one with its perspective and vision of the track. 
At the moment Keira has started a collaboration with Ampispazi Recordings, a Berlin based label, and she is studying a live performance.





More than ten years ago Joyfull Family was a music project directed to create underground tracks and house remixes. Production team was made up of three young italian djs from Lecce (Salento): Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola and Chico Perulli. "Da Breaker" (2005) was the first release of the team and it became a massive club hit, number one in sales charts in Italy and in other countries in the world (Pete Tong Essential Selection, for example). 
In a few months Joyfull Family remixed a lot of international artists such as Corrina Joseph, Shawn Cristopher and the classic house song of Cajmere and Dajae, "Brighter Days”. 
Today each dj of the crew plays in most important clubs in South Italy spinning his records with world top djs. But now, after so many years, they are back together in the recording studio to produce some old school flavor house music. 
Joyfull Family now releases on I!Records (Kevin Yost’s label) and his tracks often brake into the Traxsource Top 10 Deep House chart, staying there for several weeks. 
They also released on D-Floor Records (label of Pirupa, Leon and Nice7) and Sole Channel Music and on next months they will release some new EPs on some great house labels such as Nervous, Hudd Traxx, King Street Sound and Sneaky. Several remixes are produced by this crew in the last period, such as the classic italo house Found Love by Double Dee for IRMA and the new production of the Chicago house legend Joe Smooth. 
Joyfull Family releases many vinyls, too. His latest official vinyls are Major Panther Ep for Wound Music and Arrange Me featuring Mike Anderson for Disciplina. Each of these vinyl releases contains remixes from very important artist such as Jamie Anderson, Takuya Yamashita, Melchior Sultana, Murphy Jax and Memoryman.




Small but powerful and always a smile. This is Vanessa Sukowski. With musical sensitivity and preference for dance grooves, Vanessa since 2013 driving funky-freshen Tech House sound, supported by hypnotic techno basslines. She meets crisp punchy techno with warm & melodic vocals. 
In the central German clubs long ago is a familiar face, she plays on festival stages as the Sputnik Spring Break, Liquid Sunday, Love Sea Festival or the Baltic Spring Break. Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Bern are some of the city where she was been already booked. 
With Techno in the heart, House in the hips and ears open to new influences and sounds, Vanessa is defining her future with its own productions and their sound will bring a new, very individual touch. So, hands up in the air and believe in the vibes you get!


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