Small but powerful and always a smile. This is Vanessa Sukowski. With musical sensitivity and preference for dance grooves, Vanessa since 2013 driving funky-freshen Tech House sound, supported by hypnotic techno basslines. She meets crisp punchy techno with warm & melodic vocals. 
In the central German clubs long ago is a familiar face, she plays on festival stages as the Sputnik Spring Break, Liquid Sunday, Love Sea Festival or the Baltic Spring Break. Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Bern are some of the city where she was been already booked. 
With Techno in the heart, House in the hips and ears open to new influences and sounds, Vanessa is defining her future with its own productions and their sound will bring a new, very individual touch. So, hands up in the air and believe in the vibes you get!


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