Mattia Trani is regarded as one of the most talented and interesting young artists of the techno scene of these recent years. Following in his father's footsteps, he cultivated his passion for music since childhood, finding his own musical roots in the piano study and later in both the world of DJing and in the music production. The continuous and obsessed music research and the discovery of analog instruments such as drum machines, samplers and synthesizers keyboard lead him over the years to outline a real style that moves between Detroit-Techno latitudes and Future Jazz longitudes. 
In 2012 he founded his own vinyl label "Pushmaster Discs" that has lead him to a debut that will allow him to work with international artists such as Juan Atkins, Dj Hyperactive, Ilario Alicante, Rolando, Dj Stingray, Skudge, Orlando Voorn, Santiago Salazar and many others. 
Nowadays "Pushmaster Discs" is a reality of the worldwide music industry and it's not a coincidence that the works of Mattia are supported by American superstars such as Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Derrick May, but also from the European techno pioneers like Ben Sims, Dj Deep and Ben Klock. 
In 2014 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Link Club of Bologna, Mattia Trani shared the console along with theundisputed master Jeff Mills and on that occasion the famous newspaper "The Republic" defines him as a "student of the school of Detroit to which Mills himself helped to bring prestige ". 
Mattia is also the only Italian that have seen published its podcast on the official radio of the legendary team of Detroit: Underground Resistance.




BB Deng who was born and grew up in HongKong and Taiwan. Her music career started from being the lead singer/keyboard player in rock bands, in year 2000 she started to DJ at ROXY in Taipei, from 2003 moving to Beijing until now she has already named as one of the top Techno/Tech House DJs in China and signed with China's biggest music label Modern Sky entertainment. 
In 2013 BB Deng got invited to perform and talk in ADE, in 2016 she was inviting to have her one month Europe DJ world tour, from Zug der Liebe in Berlin, to clubs in Holland, Austria, Croatia and music festival in France. 
At the same year she was signed by British brand Novation and Focusrite, to be there first endorsor in China. 
BB Deng performed as headliner in most of the biggest music festivals in China such as Starwberry, Modernsky, INTRO, Yinyang, Great wall, MYTH...etc, she also regularly clubs tour in different cities in China and playing for some top brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Chloe just to name a few.


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