Founder and A&R of Barbur Room, Marco Barbiero - aka Barbur - is an eclectic and creative artist. He’s born & raised in Puglia (Apulia), in the south of Italy, where he was considered a little "enfant prodige" around the turn of the Millennium. 
Marco in his career has shared the dj booth with some big international djs, like Marshall Jefferson, Ralph Falcon, Tedd Patterson, Roger Sanchez, Duce Martinez, Hector Romero, Skin, Satoshi Tomiie and others in many venues in Italy.
These amazing artists formed his musical background and his music today moves between house & techno sound, often wandering in the dark side of electronic music.
Fine music lover and web designer, Barbur splits his time between Lecce and Berlin, where he founded Barbur Room in 2014, collecting vinyls and making grow his record collection (cd & vinyls).
Recently Marco has remixed “Nunchaku” by Simina Grigoriu on her new own label Kuukou Records, making his debut on Kuukou Family, and he made also an own new EP, "Under Conditions", with two awesome remixes by Alex Kennon and Claude Monnet.




Knall & Voll is a DJ duo from Bavaria (Dillingen), composed by Daniel Geschwentner and Steven Wollgast. The two stand for driving booming beats full individual melodies! In the luggage they have always the finest Deep and Tech House. 
Their sets tell stories of the unexpected twists without losing the rhythm of the dancefloor.




Music, Music & Music! The power which keeps my motor running. A world without music would be devastating for me! That's why i spend most of my time working, listening and discovering new music. Mixing and producing for the last couple of years has become such a big part of my live and i truely enjoy every second of it. Developing my own label Antura Records for the past two years was a lot of fun and of course plenty of hard work. I gotten to know some really great persons during that time and looking forward to meet many interesting people in the future. Hopefully Antura will continue to grow and thrive for years to come behind all the love and passion i put into this project.





Toronto-born globetrotter Moe Danger proved an atypical talent for the music landscape early on, swiftly making a name for himself as a producer as well as a natural-born songsmith. He’s dabbled in music teaching and composing, and after years of passionate labor as a basement artist, he’s bringing his production flair into the spotlight. A versed drummer, guitarist and self-taught pianist, Moe injects new life and his own melodic blend into the tech house scene. 
Soon after moving to Berlin in 2014, he revealed his debut EP on Italian imprint Metropolitan Recordings, with a subsequent release on Metro’s sister label, Taste of Honey. 
2015 brought a new direction for Moe, with ‘Greener Grass’ as a result. The track was put out as a free download, garnering acclaim of a rapidly growing amount of tech house fans. 
Channeling his revamped style, the Canadian producer went on to release ‘Chopsticks’ on Pure Records, hitting a #1 in electronic albums on iTunes Germany as part of the Zirkus Zirkus, Vol. 13 compilation. 
In 2016 Moe continues to fine-tune his sound print for upcoming releases on Tach & Nacht and Tächno. 
With an old soul but a young heart, Moe is an eclectic mix of human and robot, which constantly enables him to make audiences bounce and smile, be it from behind the decks or from the studio.


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