Since the beginning of time people have tried to explain what occurs on the darkside of the moon. Neil Armstrong was sent to find out but could not fully understand, Pink Floyd evangelized their interpretation of it following their secret space mission and since then no man has dared to venture back...

For one, however, it was the other way around: caught in a cosmic paradox Atelier Francesco, longed to grace grounds of a planetary place - somewhere oxygenated, somewhere gravitationally unchallenged, somewhere with dancefloors he could invade.

Atelier began, in the depths of darkness, to emulate... to craft the vibrations and sounds of our distant planet, constructing and remixing shards, shrapnel and shooting stars with his instruments made from meteors, debris and dust. With only a vacuum of non-existent echoes as his audience for his neurological approach to music, Atelier decided to master the dark and moody grooves of earth.

Atelier created his own unique live act, one that he tailored for planet earth. Sawing, moulding and giving a new purpose to earthly objects. We wait with baited breath to witness it..

Atelier's next mission is to delve deeper into the earth's crust, with his ammunition ready to launch…After his "Akaino" EP on world known BOSO, we are waiting for two interstellar EPs, "Next to You" forthcoming on Rockets & Ponies and ‘Dead End’ on Cityfox, and a unique track "All this for a jump" on evergreen Cocoon Recordings.

Man may never know the secrets of the darkside of the moon... 
Atelier however will know of ours. This is one small step for moon-kind, one giant leap for planet Earth's music scene...


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