The name reflects their wish to imprint on the world with an extraordinary music style, bringing something different to where ever they go.

"Not Usual" is recognized through great attention to detail in their productions, which is characterized by solid grooves, organic bass-lines and big synths. Through their playful and dynamic sounds their audience appreciates the little "extra" these two guys have to offer.

The guys have released on many acknowledged labels in the underground music scene, getting massive support from colleagues and fans around the globe. The quick recognition of their talent and the energetic, distinct performances reflects the effort they put in to creating and constantly reinterpreting the music they work with.

Everyone who listens to their sounds and comes to dance to their shows can at least agree on one thing, they add something special to the floor, something "not usual".

01. Torrfisk - Ego (Original Mix)
02. Alan Nieves - Acid Mind (Original Mix)
03. Eddy Malano - The Moon (Original Mix)
04. Marco Anzalone - Don't Say (Ruben Mandolini Remix)
05. Marco Lys - The Story Continues (Extended Mix)
06. HERU - 4am (Not Usual Remix)
07. Ramon Tapia - Deepa (Original Mix)
08. Drunken Kong - Balance (Original Mix)
09. Harry Romero - The Get Down (extended Mix)
10. Shelley Johannson - Your Body (Original Mix)
11. Renato Cohen - Duke Of Weird (Original Mix)
12. Chris Hirose Hours - Patchouli (Original Mix)


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