At an early age, David Silver got to know the pleasure of making people dance. His love for everything house and techno came with listening to recordings from friends in Italy’s flourishing club scene, and his passion is reflected in his ever growing record collection. His never-ending digging sessions for vinyl are a reflection of a broad interest in music. All sections of the record shop are turned upside down when David visits. And what he takes home is a wide selection of records from the past fifty years.

David Silver’s style ranges from jazz to techno, with funk and disco being combined with classic sounding house. His style leans on Detroit’s tradition of combining various musical forms with raw electronic drum machines. The combination of classic sounding house, raw funk and uplifting disco proved to be a deadly cocktail for Sisyphos’s Wintergarten, where he regularly gets people dancing on the bar. Furthermore, his uptempo and energetic sound embraces the timeless sounds of Roland drum machines and the funky grit of MPC-sampled jazz & disco.

Nowadays, he is an in demand DJ across Europe. Playing a humble selection of clubs and festivals where he brings his weighty records bag filled with timeless sounds. Besides DJing, he regularly works on creating his own tracks either solo or as ‘Complementary Opposites’ and has seen releases on Sisyphon, One Step Back Ahead, First Music and recently a co-production with Luca Olivotto for Endless Music.

Moreover, he heads the vinyl only outlet Autarchy Records and manages the Sisyphon label. This plus more projects will keep his schedule filled.
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01. Gary Tuohy – Too Close To Cut IT (Sebb Junior remix)
02. The Journey Man – Levels (original mix)
03. Javi Bora, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro – Jump (Original mix)
04. Reda daRe – Loose jointed
05. Toman – Sentiment
06. Norma Jean Bell – I’m the Baddest Bitch (In The Room) (Moodyman mix)
07. Silk 86, Mall Grab – Theother Side (Mall Grab Remix)
08. Revivis – Mumble Weed
09. JT Donaldson – Changing Times
10. Product of Da Neighbouthood – Living In Brooklyn ( Roach Motel Dub)
11. Art Of Tones – Gimme Some More (Saison Rmx)
12. Alice Clark – Dubvida
13. Steffi – DB011
14. Stephen Lopkin – Jazz mag
15. Hatiras,Angelo Ferreri – in The House
16. Fouk – Whiskey Ginger
17. The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Step Into My Life feat. Arthur Verocai (M&M Mix) 



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