Your Best Music Friend

Barbur Room is an underground music podcast show, founded by dj Barbur.

The project started in 2014 in Berlin, hosting the music from our friend djs. 

In the follow years we’ve invited many djs & producers and hosted the sound of great artists like NAKADIA, CHARLOTTE DE WITTE, JULIET SIKORA, CLAUDE MONNET, DANNY RAMPLING, LUCA AGNELLI, SIMINA GRIGORIU, SUPERNOVA, KOLOMBO, GIORGIA ANGIULI, DETLEF, SOUL BUTTON & many other guys, also on the parallel selections (New Talents & Local Heroes).

Today we upload podcasts of underground electronic music artists, from all over the world, every 7/14 days. 

Welcome to Barbur Room show. Your Best Music Friend.

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