Mac Gregor, is a DJ out of Paris who began mixing but quickly found himself in production. A fan of House music's early sound, including Daft Punk and the French touch, it's only natural that he veered towards dancefloor-oriented electronic music and began to collect singles.
His DJ sets, always eclectic, sensual and unequivocally dancefloor, result in a House sound best described as electro-punchy. Skilled in a very fat sound, his sets have met with great success.
In early 2006, he joined with fellow producer Kama and the Balazkos to create his own label Pumpz Recordings. Their first releases are already spinning on the turntables of some of the world's biggest DJs.
Maxi after maxi, he has been collaborating with -and remixed by- several international artists: Zoo brazil (Get Physical), Da fresh, Pig & Dan, Gino's And Snake (Notorious Elektro)... more recently Damon Jee & Olivier Giacomotto and Gaby Newman (Vendeta, Ministry of Sound)
In 2007, he participates to the setting up of Heatwave records, joins the French Kiss collective, and under that name he produces "Sofine ep" remixed by Kiko.
The richness of his "Culture Club" and his overture to musical fusion render his DJ sets original and always influenced by his funky sound. Mac Gregor plays quite often and shares the scene with artists he particularly likes.
In parallel, Mac Gregor works on his productions together with Kama under the name "Kama and Mac Gregor".



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