Indonesian born Jody Lynne first stormed onto the scene by ways of Amsterdam’s underground techno scene in 2015. 

Jody’s love and passion for music has moulded her into the DJ & producer she is today. She best describes her style as gypsy techno as she is able to take you on a true journey of self though sound. 

Overtime Jody built up a reputation with her production catching the attention of desolate head man Loco Dice and Music on’s Marco Carola. She has shared the stage and gained praise from some of the industry heavyweights and also had the pleasure of them play at her ‘Let Move, let’s Groove’ events. 

Jody has spread her wings on tours in Asia and Europe with her ‘Let’s Move, Let’s Groove’ events now a stable in Bali’s House & Techno scene.


01. Adam port - I love you
02. Oxia - points of view
03. Laika & strelka - rough
04. Serge Devant - Thinking Of You feat. Camille
05. Safiya (Serge Devant's Floor Cut)
06. Gruvvelements - pe val
07. George smeddles - 8am
08. Joscha rickets - shifters
09. Steffen duex - ask yourself
10. Gruvvelements - saves
11. Sean random - hit me
12. Cabarza, Pete Zorba - Rolling With The Kids
13. Jonas saalbach - Tarim
14. Simone vitullo & Felipe puertes - shingalin
15. Howling - Signs (Rødhåd Remix)
16. Hot since 82 - restless
17. Gruvvelements - touch me
18. Christian Nielsen - Black Ceiling


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